Aqua Ocean Villa

Aqua Ocean Villas has set a bench mark in design for the town of Warrnambool.

The site provided opportunity to capture ocean views and also gain maximum return.

The brief was to develop a series of townhouses which complemented and enhanced the streetscape by responding to the neighbourhood scale and character whilst also achieving a high level of design.

The site provided an opportunity to maximise return and also obtain impressive views out to the southern ocean. Although there was a 7m height restriction placed on the villas, a successful response was made to the fall of the land whereby each villa had significant ocean views. There are three neighbouring properties, each with their own style, one in particular being a poor example of design. The villas successfully responded to the existing neighbourhood design aesthetic in a challenging yet harmonious manner.

The site has been successfully transformed into a series of four contemporary villas which are harmoniously integrated into the existing topography of the site. Views have been provided for most rooms via large expanses of glass and small complimentary snapshots. Aesthetically the villas provide a high level of design not before seen in Warrnambool.