Floating Generations

Clients retiring from a warm Queensland climate have sought sanctuary in their passive, high performance, energy efficient home.

As an infill site on swamp like conditions set in an historic township, the new build needed to pay homage to its immediate built environment, whilst skillfully resolving the difficulties of the site and the intergeneration needs of the brief.

The modern interpretation of a classic gabled building clad in timber housing the sleeping quarters giving way to a steel wrapped living pod bathing in northern light achieves just this. A light weight buildings system incorporating reverse skin technology for thermal banking and a “hebel” power panel system for the floor was adopted as the most efficient way of resolving the site constraints. This allowed a light footprint on the problematic soil which required pile driven posts for foundation support.

This building has been designed for “ALL AGES” living. Sitting front and centre of the design are ramps, wide doorways, wheelchair friendly bathrooms, private courts, radiant heating and low maintenance finishes. All these features combine to allow 2 generations to live harmoniously under the one roof.