TIMBER! Why we love it…


Take a look through our project portfolio and you will notice a common theme, TIMBER! Not only is it aesthetically pleasing with its variety of applications, it also has many positive reasons for why we use it.


Being in a coastal environment it’s important for materials to handle the elements. Timber can weather naturally in the elements and can be affected by light, dust and sand, and the moisture changes within its surroundings.











Weather horizontal spotted gum timber + vertical battens on our Coastal Exposure project.


Timber is easy to work with and can be used in a variety of applications. Being light and easy to install, it is also very versatile.







Currently under construction our Curved project shows off the versatility of timber with an red iron bark timber clad curved wall along the exterior of the project.


Timber is one of a very natural building products, the character of the wood is determined by the species of tree and also the growth of the wood over time. It isn’t toxic and not made up of damaging materials. It takes very little energy to convert trees to timber and acts as a carbon store, some manufacturers have a zero or better than zero carbon footprint. Lastly, so long as the rate of use remains less than the rate of renewal timber will continue to be a renewable product for future generations.













It’s a good insulator:
Timber is a good insulator meaning homes are more energy efficient. Windows and doors made of timber reduce heat loss and keep the cold air out.




Our Old Dairy Town project is clad in a vertical spotted gum timber and has an incredible 8 star energy rating


It can save you money:
Considering the above points, in the long run using timber will give financial savings.










Here’s one of our projects that is currently under construction with horizontal sugar gum timber cladding with vertical Corten steel.