BDAV Awards Winner - Battery Point 

For excellence in the use of Timber

Conforming to traditional forms externally, resulting from Heritage overlays, the use of bold ceiling forms, open planning and the extensive use of timber internally has allowed this design to shake loose from the confines of a traditional past. Combining the rich warm hues of Spotted Gum to the feature staircase creates the perfect pathway towards exposed and crafted KD Hardwood trusses, supporting exposed and lofty Birch Plywood ceilings. The combination of this intertwining timber palette has helped to produce a warm and welcoming yet modern open planned living environment.

Battery Point


Coastal Exposure


BDAV Awards Winner - Coastal Exposure

For Building Design of the Year 2015

For New House $500,000 - $1,000,000 Construction Cost

For Excellence in use of Glass



BDAV Awards Winner - Mountain View

For Alterations and Additions up to $200,000 Construction Cost

BDAV Awards Commendation - Old Dairy Town

For New House $300,000  - $500,000 Construction Cost



Mountain View



BDAV Awards Winner - Fresh Faced

House on The Hill

For Commercial Design


BDAV Awards Winner - House on the Hill

For Alterations and Additions up to $100,000

For Kitchen Design 

For Most Effective Use of Colour





Winning Design 2015

"Buidling Design of the Year 2015"

"Residential Design/New Houses/$500k to $1M construction cost"

"Excellence/Use of Glass"

The Age

"A Concrete Achievement" by Jenny Brown, 27th October 2012

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"Jones Residence" and "Chiller Residence" 2012 Best Renovations and Additions (Part 1)

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"Coastal Chic" Adobe Annual Issue 01

"River Vista" Adobe Magazine Issue 18

"A Place to Potter" Adobe Magazine issue 17