Designers by Nature had its genesis almost 20 years ago when bright young designer, Dean Picken, established a design firm in his hometown of coastal Warrnambool.

Dean quickly built a powerful reputation as a creative, but pragmatic designer of homes beautifully suited to Australian lifestyles and clever commercial spaces.

He has been particularly sought out for his coastally-inspired and environmentally-sensitive designs.

Today, Designers by Nature continues to evolve, keeping ahead not only of design and lifestyle trends, but also of changing ways of working.

Technology now enables us to do things that were once only imaginable. The firm was among the first Australian businesses to offer a flexible new approach. Working remotely, technology enables us to connect with each other and with you whenever and wherever you are. You can see the design in 3D on your device. Instead of lines on paper you see walls, windows and rooms

Whether you are at your home, your office, your building site or even your favourite café, Designers by Nature can be right there with you.

But of course there are some old-fashioned traditions that we will never do away with. Which is why you can count on exceptional service from our team, always delivered with our trademark sense of style